Borders Ideas

Borders Are Beaut!

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This is a similar feature on your layout to backgrounds except they are like the FRAME of your page. Try some of these ideas and you will no doubt come up with your own.

Put ribbon right around the edge of your page and put bows or knots at each corner.

Use strips of card for your border as has been done on the layout below.

Make curtains for either side of your scrapbook page from material or card. Use cord/string as the rod and ribbon to use as the curtain tie-back.  This technique would make a good layout for a holiday page to show a beautiful lake in the distance, etc.

Sew a border around your page.  This can be hand sewn or machine stitched.  Don’t worry about whether it is straight or not as it will still look good.

Paint a rough border around  your page with a dry brush.


The technique below is what I call my ‘Iris Folding’ technique although technically it is a play on real Iris folding.  I talk about this technique in my Scrapbook Ideas Guide.  I think you will agree it is quite effective.

Try large photo corners which come in lots of designs.  The simplest way to make them is to just cut two squares in whatever size you like, and then cut the squares corner to corner on a diagonal.

Something I like to do is fold all the corners in a little and secure them with a brad.  To square off the page again cut pieces of contrasting color card and tape to main card so it is back to a square shape.

The next technique takes a little more card but works well for heritage pages.  If you have a 12 x 12 inch main card, cut out the centre with your trimmer or a craft knife, leaving only a 2 inch border on the edge of your page.  Damp the inside edge with a large paint brush and with your fingers start working the inside edge back towards the card edge until you are about an inch away from the edge.


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