Step By Step Scrapbooking


What Goes Into Making A Scrapbook Layout

  • Decide what the theme of your scrapbook should be.  For example, will this be a vacation scrapbook, or possibly a scrapbook about your friends?  Even if you decide you are doing a scrapbook on your just-born baby girl, there are still decisions to be made.  Will this be about all her special moments like her first full night’s sleep, first smile, one page per week or month, or maybe even just a ‘whenever’ scrapbook?  You have some great photos so you just make a layout to display them.
  • Along with deciding your theme, will be thinking  about the size of the scrapbook – 12 x 12 inch, 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size), 8 x 8 inches, or even 6 x 6 inches.  For sizes 6 inches and below, it is quite easy to start without an album, totally from scratch, and you will find information on this by clicking on the Make A Scrapbook tab.
  • You have your album sorted, so if you have a supply of scrapbook card and paper, get this out and also the photos you intend to use (otherwise you will need to visit your nearest scrapbook store).  Try to avoid papers that are so ‘busy’ looking that they will completely distract from your precious photos.  It is likely you will want to pick one main sheet of card the size of your album, and either one or two sheets of scrapbook paper to suit the card and photos.  Your photos will usually be layered on a piece of card remnant a different color to your main card, but hopefully you have a supply of off-cuts for this purpose.  I keep mine in a folder with thick, clear pockets in their different colors so I can find them quickly.
  • At this time you can decide what photos can be matched together on a particular page, or whether you want to do a double layout or not (side by side).  I have seen some beautiful layouts with just one photo on the page, and other layouts that have more than ten photos (obviously not all 6 x 4 inch!).  However, 1-4 photos per layout is commonly used.
  • Below is an example of a layout I did to show all the cars I have owned (I am legendary in this regard!) to show you how multiple, related photos can be used.
alt text
  • Now would be the time to do a layout sketch for your page.  I talk about this on the page titled ‘Now To Start Your Scrapbook’ under the tab Make A Scrapbook/With An Album.  Bear in mind your journaling, as you need to leave enough room for the story you intend to tell.  In this case you may want to write this now and keep it with your layout sketch.  Don’t forget there are heaps of layout sketches available on the Internet and if sketching an idea is tricky for you, just find one of these sketches to suit your requirements.  Easy isn’t it!
  • My favorite part of a scrapbook layout is the embellishments, the things that make your page ‘pop’ and look all glamorous.  Think about what sort of  embellishments would look good with your layout – flowers, stickers, buttons, ribbon etc (check out my Embellishments section for plenty of ideas and I also have some great options for making your own embellishments to keep the cost down).
  • OK, you are now ready to start putting your page together!  As well as your pieces of scrapbook paper you have gathered to compliment your main card, do you need any other background for your page?  This could be sponging with ink either around the edges of your card, or in a particular area of your layout.  You can also spray the entire background with something like Glimmer Mist (a spray that comes in different colors and has a slightly glittery look).    I give you more background ideas in my book Scrapbook Ideas Guide.  Hint – I take a photo of the layout as I have placed all the components ready to stick down so if things get moved, you will remember where everything goes.
  • Once your background papers and/or inking is complete, go to work on your title and place this where you think it looks best.  Before sticking anything down, place your photos in the spot you have chosen and trim them down (or ‘crop’ as we say in scrapbook speak), if this is what you have in mind and also rip and ink if desired!   Remember you will probably want to matt your photos on card remnant, rather than straight onto your main card so allow enough room for this.  Again I have offered lots of ways for displaying your photos in my Scrapbook Ideas Guide and here is a layout showing matting of photos and in this case I have matted them in circle shapes.
  • Go ahead now and attach the title and photos, followed by your journaling and your embellishments and your page is done.  Hope you are pleased with the results.

The above is a simple run down of the process to complete a scrapbook layout.  You can get much more fancy as you become more adventurous.

alt text