Mini Albums

Over the years I have made lots of scrapbooks from scratch but I am still always on the look-out for different ones.  I will tell you how to make some of my particular favorites.  Usually they will be made from stiff card or core board.  I like making mini scrapbooks that are not too difficult and involve some folding of the card.

One year I made 14 exploding albums for Christmas presents which were very well received.  In fact, one or two of the recipients were reduced to tears because I had put pictures of their children or grandchildren and in one case, their pet.  If you don’t have any pictures to put in the album, then you need not worry.  Just the blank, already decorated album given as a Christmas, birthday or anniversary present will be really appreciated, and all the recipient has to do is add their photos.

The type of album you choose will often depend on how many photos you want to include and how much work you want to put into it.  When the made the 14 exploding albums I had a bit of a production line going so most of them were at the same stage.  However, the albums were all different as the youngest person I made one for was 14 and the oldest about 95!

In the sections to follow are some of my favorite picks and to help you decide which one to make, I have rated them Easy, Moderate and Difficult in terms of difficulty. Here’s a couple of examples, a tag album and a very rugged little book that only requires some think board and some bolts and nuts!

alt text
alt text
alt text


If you have access to a binding machine, then the options available to you will be greater.  The Zutter bind-it-all machine is a very useful one.

So in summary, there are many, many different mini scrapbooks such as paper bag books, envelope books, accordion books, star books, maze books, matchbooks, mini file folder books, library pocket books, coffee filter books, flag books, flip books, tag books, and so on.